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Coastal Experiences

Cliffs & Coves: Hiking the Costa Brava

  • Duration:9hs
  • Price:95€ per guest*

Hiking day tours along the Costa Brava's high winding cliffs, secluded beaches and crystal coves followed by village beach front dining!

Just north of Barcelona in the heart of Catalonia, the rugged Costa Brava on the Mediterranean provides numerous hiking trails with panoramic views and great snorkeling spots for a perfect day trip out of Barcelona. The winding cliff-top trails and hidden coves offer unforgettable views of the Costa Brava as well as perfect swimming and snorkeling opportunities to cool off in the crystal clear Mediterranean. These private tours and small group day trips from Barcelona also take you to charming coastal villages to enjoy a full restaurant lunch (included) after your hike, making these all-inclusive tours out of Barcelona a guaranteed success for all guests. Cliffs and Coves tours are also great kid-friendly, family tours for all ages. A good level of fitness is recommended, but these day trips are tailored to accommodate all ages and interests.

These day escapes begin on a coastal trailhead on the Costa Brava about 100km (60mi) north of Barcelona. There are a variety of coastal routes we use depending on group interest and ability. Along the trails you’ll find innumerable links to Catalonia’s rich history such as Iberian ruins (6th century BC), winding paths used by Catalan fishermen from the past and present, olive orchards, cork oak forests and intricately terraced and rocky cliffs draped in wild flowers and cactus. We stop in secluded coves along the way for snacks, swimming and snorkeling (depending on water temperature). Spanish Trails guides, as always, spend the day sharing the rich history, culture and traditions of Catalunya and Spain from the Roman era to today. The trails ultimately lead us to one of the small fishing villages where a plentiful beach-front lunch and drinks are waiting for you. There is time to explore the quaint village after lunch and to enjoy a bit of beach time before setting off.