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Mountain Experiences

Peaks & Valleys : Hiking the Pyrenees

  • Duration:10hs
  • Price:110€ per guest*
  • Peaks and Valleys Pyrenees
  • Peaks and Valleys Pyrenees
  • Peaks and Valleys Pyrenees

Walking and Trekking Tours in the Catalan Pyrenees

Spanish Trails® Tours and Events brings you the best walking and hiking routes of the Catalan Pyrenees. If you are planning a walking or trekking holiday or just looking for a day excursion adventure from Barcelona, Spanish Trails® Adventure can guide you to where you want to go. The Pyrenees Mountains are just north of bustling Barcelona where you can find yourself on a true adventure in the midst of craggy peaks, spectacular rivers and waterfalls, lush valleys and winding routes leading you to stunning panoramic views and charming medieval villages.

Between impressive Pyrenees peaks

After we escape from bustle of Barcelona, we’ll begin our Pyrenees getaway from one of the many charming, small Pyrenees villages. We’ll hike up through the mountains, alongside streams and rivers and through high-altitude valleys nestled between impressive Pyrenees peaks reaching altitudes of 3.000 meters (9,000+ft.). More ambitious trekkers will be having their snacks on the tops of the peaks! Following the hike, we’ll enjoy either a great picnic lunch or sit down to traditional Catalan cuisine at a local mountain restaurant before returning to central Barcelona. Total hiking time is approximately 3-4 hours while the entire day trip is typically 10 hours. This great day excursion is not necessarily for all ages and does require a high level of fitness. Our Peaks and Valleys hikes are generally very rigorous and difficult, but hikes can be made easier or more technical with advance request.