Madrid, the capital city of Spain, and an amazing surrounding area in the geographical middle of the Iberian Peninsula.

The autonomous community of Madrid has much more to offer than the most populous and exciting city of Spain. It is also a place of stunning natural beauty and variety: the rugged mountain ranges to the North are snow tipped in winter and a playground for hikers and rock climbers throughout the year. The extensive wine country to the South and West is home to full bodied red wines but also very interesting whites, and there are olive fields as far as the eye can see. The Tagus river to the South is one of the main rivers of Spain. Many lakes of different sizes enable outdoor fans to do all sorts of water activities. Imposing castles and ancient fortresses are omnipresent. Last but not least, some of the most interesting and beautiful cities of Spain, are in a short driving distance from the capital.

Madrid and it’s surrounding areas offer an abundance of possibilities of things to do, and there is something for everyone!

Madrid is a metropolis of over three million inhabitants, many green park areas, a melting pot of international culture, many styles of architecture and design, world class art museums, ancient history and traditional monarchy, a world famous soccer team, old flea markets and fun theme parks for the whole family, nightlife until the morning hours, and of course its street cafés and tapas, where a good glass of wine comes with a little treat on the house. The airport is among the biggest of the European continent, and high speed trains allow for easy traveling to other parts of Spain. The winters are cold and the summers are hot. Throughout the year there is little rainfall which is why Madrid is famous for its blue skies. It is located in the heart of Spain and reveals it’s castilian face to those willing to take a closer look. Madrid is considered one of Europe’s safest capital cities, getting around is easy, its inhabitants are very friendly and it perfectly represents a European way of life. All the above turn Madrid into a premium travel destination that will leave nobody indifferent, and anytime is a good time to come to Madrid and take a tour with us.

Madrid: A perfect example of the European lifestyle and wonderful travel destination.

Whether you like the outdoors, arts and history, evening entertainment, listening to flamenco music, or tasting savoury flavours of local specialties, round wines or fresh beers, there is something for everyone in Madrid. Independent travellers, families and company events will find this region to encompass all elements of what make up a truly well-rounded experience.