Anyone who has been lucky enough to visit the stunning seaside cosmopolitan that is Barcelona knows how much there is to do in just one day! The city is filled with art and architecture, history and food, music and events, that it’s impossible not to have a fantastic time. Of course, an effective way to make sure that you have a great day tour in the city is to pack all the right things for the trip. We make that a little bit easier by listing some of those essentials below, take a look at our tour checklist:

Shawl or Scarf

Shawl / Scarf

Shawls or scarves should already always be in your packing list, as they are probably one of the most versatile items in your luggage! Whether you’re hopping on a chilly tour bus or walking for hours under the sun, shawls are portable protection against the weather. Shawls can even double as part of your ensemble since you can wrap them around your shoulders or turn them into skirts! If shawls aren’t your thing, you can also opt for  Who What Wear’s featured beach cover-ups – like kimonos or hoodies – that can double as streetwear.

Travel Camera

Professional Camera

We previously listed some of the best viewpoints in Barcelona, which include Port Vell and the Tibidabo mountain. These locations give you a unique vantage point of the city that you’ll surely want to document.

While phones these days take good photos, there’s nothing quite like using a professional cameraMirrorless cameras are an excellent choice for those who don’t want to deal with bulky DSLRs, as they often have the same professional image and video quality. Take your time when picking out a camera, as it will likely be a lifelong investment and a useful travel buddy.


skin with sunscreen

Since you’re likely doing a lot of walking under the sun in Barcelona, don’t forget to pack a reliable sunscreen. In an interview on HuffPost, Dr. Wendy Roberts details how exposure to the sun can cause facial brown spots, skin discoloration, and even skin cancer. It’s even more important to be vigilant about applying sunscreen when you’re on vacation. The great thing is, it only takes a few seconds to swipe some on every two to three hours.

Walking Shoes

Comfortable shoes

Aside from protecting your skin, it’s crucial to protect your feet during your trip! As mentioned earlier, you will likely be doing a lot of walking around Barcelona, and you wouldn’t want your feet to be full of painful blisters after a long day. In this case, function trumps form. So, don’t forget to pack your trusted pair of walking shoes or just wear them while on the plane to Spain. These are ideally your sturdiest footwear, as you wouldn’t want them to come apart in the middle of your tour. Travel And Leisure enumerate some of the most stylish walking shoes, which include sleek active sneakers from Merrell and classy boat shoes by Sperry.

Secure Day Bag

Bag with zipper

Every traveler should be wary of the dangers of theft abroad. After all, it’s easy to be a target when tourists often stick out like a sore thumb! Be mindful of your belongings during the trip – always count your money and keep your valuables close at all times. Aside from being vigilant on the actual trip, prepare by bringing a secure day bag. This simply means your bag should have a zipper and multiple sections inside, where you can hide your valuables. There are also neck wallets specifically designed for security, in case you want to be extra careful!


Article written by Carmen Peters

Exclusively for spanish-trails.com

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