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The Secret Hermitages around Montserrat

One of the main and best known attractions in Catalonia is definitely Montserrat. A spectacular multi-peaked mountain range with a Monastery built at an impressive height. But this area hosts many secrets. Among them, a small multitude of hermitages.…

5 Best Ski Resorts Near Barcelona

When you picture Barcelona, you probably think of swaying palm trees, warm Mediterranean beaches, and the lively night scene. It is true that Barcelona has all those things, but the great thing about this city is that it also has close proximity…
Cycling in La Garrotxa

Cycling in the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa

There are many ways to explore a territory, and each one has its own wonders and advantages. Recently we set out to cycling in La Garrotxa! Fast enough to cover large portions of land, yet slow enough to catch every detail, cycling is not only…
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5 Best Hiking Trips in Catalonia

The more you discover of Catalonia, the more you surrender to its breathtaking nature and scenic views. If you are looking for an active and relaxing experience in the region, this list is for you! As daunting as it seemed at first, our local…
Secret Forrest hikePhoto by Jake Melara on Unsplash

Secret Forest: An Inside Perspective

We recently went on a half-day hike through Barcelona’s green lung, the Collserola Natural Park, and followed it with a truly authentic Catalan lunch which is any nature lover’s dream. The Secret Forest is a lush, hidden oasis in the outskirts…
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Experience Kayaking

My earliest memories of family vacations are kayaking through the glittering blue waters of the coast of Sicily with my father. Occasionally jumping off to snorkel or peer at the myriad of colorful fish below us, we would spend hours wandering…

5 Lovely Villages in Catalonia

Catalonia is one of Spain's richest and most highly beautiful regions. Many people are familiar with Barcelona, but did you know that there are three provinces in addition to Barcelona? The other provinces of Catalonia are Girona, Tarragona,…
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Embark On An Exciting Secret Forest Tour

Barcelona is one of the most loved cities in the world and it’s no wonder when you consider the culture, fine food, and the glorious weather you experience when you visit. Whether you have been to Barcelona or not before, we would highly…
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Medieval Mountain Village: hike in the Pyrenees

There's nothing like a good hike. Waking up early, getting our water bottles and sneakers and getting out of the urbe for a day of fresh breeze, nature sounds and occasional waterfalls or rivers is the perfect plan for any trip - especially if you're in Barcelona.
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Why a Visit to Montserrat Will Become the Trip of Your Life

Located 50km northwest of Barcelona, the mountain is at the heart of Catalan identity - and essential for every traveler itinerary
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