Flavors of Spain

Catolonia’s most delicious food and wine is here to delight your tastebuds

Wine of the Month #1 – Marta de Baltà, a strong female wine of love

In the middle of the Penedès wine region, especially famous for its white sparkling wines, there is a great family winery, Parès Baltà, whose origins date back to the year 1790. Spanish Trails has been collaborating with them for more than…

6 Best Cocktail Bars in Barcelona

If you are searching for a tasty alternative different from a pre-supper Sangria, get yourself over to one of the many cool cocktail bars in Barcelona. There are a few notable bars in Barcelona that are jewels from bygone ages. Below we propose…

Catalan Wine: The 12 DOs You Should Know About

Did you know that Spain has 96 individually recognized wine regions, and 12 of those are in Cataluña alone? They are called DOs - denominaciones de origen - and the reason they were created is because each area has a specific flavor and flare…
Foodie Guide Barcelona

A Foodie’s Guide to Barcelona

When travelling to Barcelona, there is definitely no shortage of brunches, tapas, or cava filled dinners ahead of you. Some of the best meals of your life are waiting for you in this wonderful city, so here is your foodie guide! Between tapas,…
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Visiting a Boutique Winery: A Unique, Immersive Experience

When thinking about the term “boutique” winery, most people will associate it to a small size of operations and a low number of bottles produced. For most wine enthusiasts, though, those definitions are simply not good enough, and the concept…
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Where to Go in Spain According to Your Tastebuds

Spain is known as a culinary dream, and no wonder - of the past fifteen years, seven years of those years featured a Spanish restaurant has come out on top as the best restaurant in the world according to the prestigious British magazine Restaurant.  Essentially,…
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European vines with American feet

Call it a cross-cultural exchange or a horrible mistake, this is another bump in the long history between Americans and Europeans - we accidentally endangered Europe’s beloved vineyards and their wine-loving way of life. Many European countries,…
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Barcelona Tapas Tours

Help is at hand if you’re eager to experience authentic cuisine in Barcelona and wish to book yourself a Barcelona tapas tour. At Spanish Trails, we have the experience and expertise needed to provide you with the ideal culinary experience…
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Beautiful Bolets: A Guide to Mushrooms in Catalonia

As expert guides, we run many tours from Barcelona to every corner of Catalonia, giving us the chance to discover all sorts of mushrooms and gastronomical delicacies as we travel around Spain. We would like to share this knowledge so you too…
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Treat Yourself to these Five Catalan Desserts

Indulge your sweet tooth with traditional Catalan desserts! Coca Surprise! This one can be your meal and your dessert. Coca is a pastry that can be sweet, savory or even both, it all depends on the toppings which range from vegetables, meat, fish…
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Tapas, Tapas, Tapas

Looking to grab a bite in Barcelona? These traditional Spanish dishes are a bite-sized snack that can be enjoyed at any time of day! Tapas are easily found on every street in Barcelona and offer a variety of tastes and flavors. Chorizo, cheese,…
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Top Catalan Chefs You Should Know About

The Catalan cuisine has long been in the spotlight of food innovation and haute cuisine. Get to know 5 chefs to follow in Catalunya!
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Top 5 Places for Churros in Barcelona

After a pretty warm October and two weeks of surprisingly good weather in November (seriously, almost no clouds in the sky and short sleeves being an ok option for outfits), temperatures in Barcelona have finally gone down. We are happy to welcome…
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10 Things You Should Know About D. O. Penedès

Penedès is a wonderful piece of Catalonia! We love it and take every opportunity to explore its towns, new places and, of course, new wineries! Keeping all the wine lovers and countryside travelers in our minds, we came up with this brief post…
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Paella and Fideuà: what are the differences?

Every traveler interested in Spanish cuisine is familiar with Paella, the rice dish that mixes many different delicious ingredients, from peas and peppers to chorizos and squids. However, we have noticed that many of the visitors, some of those…
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A Bit of Cataluyna in Manhattan

Text: BJ Adler When our son Danny was an exchange student in Barcelona back in 2007, he introduced us to the festive and fun early spring calçotada feasts that happen throughout Catalunya when the wintered-over calçots (a type of leek-like…
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Falset Wine Festival, a Sacred Weekend for Wine Lovers

Text: Danny Adler After last weekend, the first weekend of May will only mean one thing to me. The Falset Wine Festival has arrived! The wines of the Priorat have had a special place in my heart since I first started drinking wine. I…
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Best Child-Friendly Places to Eat in Barcelona

If you have kids, we are sure you already know: Barcelona is, by nature, a kids-friendly city. The entire town just looks like a giant amusement park, filled with 'spooky bone houses', ceramic lizard sellers and colorful mosaics. But after a morning of sightseeing, where will you go to feed your little ones?
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Mar I Muntanya: The Essence of the Catalan Cuisine

“The cuisine of a country is its landscape put in a pot.” And if there is one thing that Catalonia is blessed with, that is definitely it's landscapes.
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Barcelona Food Markets: Life Beyond La Boquería

Barcelona is divided into ten districts, and each one has at least three municipal food markets. Yes, you read it right: three! Find more about them and get detailed info of market's addresses, working hours and best features in this article
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The Top 10 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona’s gastronomic options are wide and varied, but we know how tricky it can be to decide your to-eat list during your short stay. If finding a decent, good restaurant in a foreign city is already difficult, things can get even harder…
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Paella in Barcelona: the Two Unspoken Rules When Choosing Your Restaurant

One of the dishes that most people are eager to try on a visit to Barcelona is Paella. If you are one of them, here are two very important rules that you need to know
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