Mediterranean Aerial View

Mediterranean Lifestyle 101

The sounds of laughing, running children drifting through the open windows at midnight after a lazy summer day. Flower-covered terraces stretching across modernist buildings. The stillness that settles upon the usually-bustling squares and streets…
Hanging Green Grapes

European vines with American feet

Call it a cross-cultural exchange or a horrible mistake, this is another bump in the long history between Americans and Europeans - we accidentally endangered Europe’s beloved vineyards and their wine-loving way of life. Many European countries,…

10 Things You Should Know About D. O. Penedès

Penedès is a wonderful piece of Catalonia! We love it and take every opportunity to explore its towns, new places and, of course, new wineries! Keeping all the wine lovers and countryside travelers in our minds, we came up with this brief post…

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