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Text: Sophia Keller

One of my favorite things to do when I visit a new place is to go shopping. I know, I know, why would that be one of my favorite things when there’s so much more to do and see in a place I’ve never been before? Well, I truly believe that you can’t visit a country, city or town without taking home something from that place, whatever it may be: a bottle of wine, an exclusive painting, a souvenir, and why not: clothes or shoes! If you walk on the different neighborhoods of Barcelona, you’ll see that there are countless stores that sell unique pieces, and things that you wouldn’t normally find where you live. Shopping in Barcelona is the best!

Then… If what you want is to find interesting things that are far from the usual (or just go buy clothes you wouldn’t normally find back home), you should definitely escape from the big department stores that you can find everywhere in the world, shouldn’t you?

To help you out on this mission, here’s a list of local-made (only!) product stores around Gràcia and El Born, two of the best shopping areas in Barcelona.

Shopping’s day out, Part I: Gràcia

MODART: This little shop gathers all kinds of clothes designed by Catalan designed Carme Trías. All her attires are manufactured with local materials and go from casual styles, party dresses and a little bridal boutique where she makes made-to-measure gowns.


ADA: This store owned by two cousins specializes in clothing and accessories for women. You will find all types of unique pieces that offer a very fresh style. And if you end up loving their collections, you can even go to their website and shop online!


JOSÉ RIVERO: José Rivero is a designer from Cantabria that studied fashion in Barcelona. He opened up his own store and his collections are designed to his clients’ needs. From informal to very formal attire, you can choose whatever you want for yourself.


TERCIOPELO/EL PIANO: These shops belong to designer Tina García. Both stores are located on the same street. One specializes in clothing, and the other one in shoes. Her designs are unconventional, colorful, and with distinctive features.


DOCTOR PAPER: The owners of this shop love to collect items and so they’ve opened this store out of their own personal desire to keep collecting objects. Decorated with a retro-style, all their designs are inspired by the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. This is a great place where to find a nice unconventional souvenir for you to take home!


MONTSE IBÁÑEZ: As its name says, this store belongs to Catalan designer Montse Ibáñez. She opened it in 2005 and has been offering people her urban clothing collections ever since.


2046 SHOES: Here is a windows display award-winning boutique! On the inside, you’ll be able to find a selection of footwear designed for the most demanding clients.



LYDIA DELGADO: Born in Barcelona, she’s made her name in Spain throughout the years, and her fashion design is the perfect example of sophistication and elegance. Her store is filled with items that describe her personality and transcends her collections.

Shopping’s day out, Part II: El Born


COMO AGUA DE MAYO: This store close to Via Laietana offers the latest trends on Spanish design. Decorated in charming shades of turquoise, you’ll be able to find the best selection of clothing for women, shoes, and accessories.


OSCAR H. GRAND: Young designer Oscar H. Grand owns this shop. If you are a man and find yourself wanting a very well made suit, this is the place to go, as he makes them by hand. He also sells prêt-à-porter clothing with a classic style.


BARTOMEU I URIBE: This shop owned by two friends, Irene and Glòria, gathers original clothes and accessories for women. Known as BIU, these two friends make their own designs offering comfort, color and innovative with a twist of sensuality in all her attires. They also offer an online shop on their website!



VIALIS: This Catalan brand was born in 1996 and offers original and colorful shoes. With a great number of stores around Barcelona, they sell trainers, leather boots, ankle boots, high heels, anything you would imagine and want, always with comfort as their main goal.


ARLEQUÍN MÁSCARAS: This might be an unusual shop to go to, but interesting nonetheless. They specialize in all sorts of masks, making different styles in different sizes and materials. They’re handmade and painted. What about getting out of the ordinary and bringing home a personalized mask for yourself?


BORN EN RIBERA: Have you ever found yourself thinking that a size 8 is too small but 10 is too big? This store created by Roser Marcé is where to go to when you need to find those uncommon sizes. Also, it is good to know that you will be able to find elaborate bridal gowns as well.


M TX: Catalan designer, Mertxe Hernández, opened her own store after working with important names in the world of fashion. She creates every single piece on her store by hand, piece by piece. Selling very high-quality clothing, she offers unique and unrepeatable attires for all tastes.


MÔ ART: This two-story store gathers creations from different young artists that wish to exhibit their handmade unique pieces. This is a place where you can take home incredible and exclusive creations made only in Barcelona that you won’t be able to find any other place.


CASA MUNICH: This store is very emblematic in Barcelona, as they’ve been selling this Catalan footwear brand since 1939. Casa Munich offers trendy sportswear of all kinds and follows the latest trends on urban fashion. Coming for a visit is also a cultural thing: the store, located in El Born, is in the same place for the past 76 years!


A really curious store worth going to is La Basília Galería. This jewelry store is like a fantasy world. Its decoration and exposed pieces are very unique and could be described as art experiments rather than women’s accessories. A place where imagination doesn’t know its limits, you’ll be able to find collections of almost 100 contemporary jewelers. From gorgeous golden necklaces to crazy earrings shaped like cockroaches, here you will find transgressive art and -very- unique decoration pieces.


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