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Best Times of the Year to Visit Barcelona

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Barcelona is the second-biggest city in Spain. It is the hotbed of Spanish culture, architecture, wine, and art. With beaches touching the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona is frequently called Barna as a sweet name. If you are an art or wine lover, at least one visit in the course of your life is a must!

Want to make the most of your trip? Plan ahead and read through to find out which are the best times of the year to visit Barcelona.

Some of the best months to visit are June and September. July is generally a bit too busy if you want to avoid queueing, and August can be a bit too hot – a lot of local people vanish during this month, so the city is quiet, but with the typical temperatures you might want to stay only by the seaside! Also, you might find minimal genuine Barcelona going on, as so many locals are doing holidays in coastal towns. During the hot months, consider spending more time in Costa Brava instead!

Summer Season in Barcelona

Pre-summer and late-spring are the best climates here. Engage with the gentle to warm temperatures and often bright skies. Before the end of June, the Mediterranean waters encompassing the city are warm enough for swimming.

A lot of the city’s local celebrations happen in the spring and summer. Festival La Merce happens in September, and Good Friday is one of the biggest citywide gatherings.

Mid-year is perhaps the best opportunity to visit Barcelona with loved ones. Barcelona summers will be warm and muggy, making it the best time for the ocean side. However, not the best time to be meandering around the city.

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Shoulder Season in Barcelona

The shoulder season in Barcelona has two phases: one from late March to April, and the following is from late September to October. The climate is wonderful, and the low number of sightseers implies less holding up periods at vacation spots and reserve funds on movement spending plans. It is best for explorers who like loosened up excursions and enjoy a tranquil time in the city.

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The Low Season

The low season is when the city life is slower and the prices are generally reduced. In Barcelona, this runs from November through to the primary part of March. There might be a few changes in costs over the Christmas occasions. These months are colder, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun, especially if you love museums and are not that bothered about spending time at the beach!


September is a great time to visit. The nights are still warm to the point of sitting out with a glass of wine; the ocean feels like velvet, and there is the special reward that the late spring swarms have dropped off. The end of summer is set apart with exceptional yet generally fleeting rainstorms, which momentarily prepare the waves on the seashores, then, at that point, leave the air perfect and shimmering splendid, ideal for strolls and stops at a clifftop bar or eatery.
The milder temperatures of fall make it an optimal season for climbing, trekking, and most outdoor exercises, from canyoning to climbing.


During winter, temperatures along the coast, during the day, seldom dip under 12 degrees C (about 54 degrees F). The seashores are vacant and ideal for walking, and many ocean sidebars don’t close until November. Great for stopping for lunch or beverages! Inland, it’s an altogether different picture: from early December, the ski resorts around Barcelona are just getting started, offering almost 500 kilometers of runs for skiers and snowboarders.
There are unlimited opportunities for other winter sports, such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, canine sledding, and ice-climbing. If you’re coming with your family, you’ll find a lot of options to keep the little youngsters engaged, with snow stops loaded with snowmen, sled rides, and other fun activities.

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Things To Do When You Visit Barcelona

Barcelona has it all! If you are looking for an outing that combines some city touring with an oceanside experience, book your trip during the hot months. The Summer is often viewed as the best time to visit Barcelona by numerous vacationers. Barceloneta is such a good spot to either unwind or partake in some water-based games.

In our personal view, Spring and Fall are great for seeing the city on its most genuine state, without the mid-year rush.
You get so used to the laid-back lifestyle, delightful climate and people, and their receptiveness to everything, that it’s a place you will miss when you leave. Barcelona easily feels like a home for many – that’s the reason why there is such an international community living here, and also why so many travelers keep coming back for a visit anytime they can.
Whichever preferences and interests you have, we hope you find this article helpful in guiding you to conclude which time of the year is best for you to visit Barcelona.

For any other tips related to your trip, we’re here!

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