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Foodie Guide Barcelona

A Foodie’s Guide to Barcelona

When travelling to Barcelona, there is definitely no shortage of brunches, tapas, or cava filled dinners ahead of you. Some of the best meals of your life are waiting for you in this wonderful city, so here is your foodie guide! Between tapas,…
Travelling in Barcelona in 2021

Goodbye Pandemic; Hi to Travelling to Barcelona in 2021!

After a year of being cooped up in our homes, many of us are jumping at the opportunity to travel again. A year ago, many of us thought it would be years until we were able to again. With increasing countries opening up for tourism, I decided…
Cycling in La Garrotxa

Cycling in the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa

There are many ways to explore a territory, and each one has its own wonders and advantages. Recently we set out to cycling in La Garrotxa! Fast enough to cover large portions of land, yet slow enough to catch every detail, cycling is not only…
Barcelona Bike Tour

Discovering Barcelona by Bike

Whether you are visiting Barcelona for the first time or you are already familiar with the city, there are so many interesting sites and neighborhoods worth exploring, that you might feel overwhelmed when trying to organize a plan, design a…
Hiking featuredSImon Chapman

5 Best Hiking Trips in Catalonia

The more you discover of Catalonia, the more you surrender to its breathtaking nature and scenic views. If you are looking for an active and relaxing experience in the region, this list is for you! As daunting as it seemed at first, our local…
Boutique Winery01

Visiting a Boutique Winery: A Unique, Immersive Experience

When thinking about the term “boutique” winery, most people will associate it to a small size of operations and a low number of bottles produced. For most wine enthusiasts, though, those definitions are simply not good enough, and the concept…
Video stillframe

Waiting for you in Barcelona. COVID-19: Safety First!

 Our tours and activities are suspended until further notice. Meanwhile, we keep working on improving our services and we look forward to receiving you in Barcelona, happily and safely, as we’ve always done. We’re excited to share…
Imagen BarcelonetaSpanish Trails

Barceloneta neighborhood: the story of an “island” within the city

Among our Barcelona City Tours, we often visit a unique place in Barcelona, a peninsula that its inhabitants describe as independent from the rest of the city. Lots of seafaring tales about it, a history of war, famine, challenges, overcomings,…
Private Tour

Private Tour with Spanish Trails

Spanish Trails specializes in inexpensive, quality tours. We take pride in our private tours which have been carefully crafted for over 20 years. These specialized private tours are an exclusive experience, specifically adapted to your needs.…
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