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While walking around and discovering Barcelona, either on your own or with one of our day tours in Barcelona, you may come across multiple flags but they all have similar colors and designs, it can be confusing especially when some are more politically charged than others. Whether you’re on a return trip or coming to Barcelona for the first time, it can be helpful to know the difference between these flags to better understand the history of the region.

La Estelada blava

(Photo source: Wikipedia, http://goo.gl/CafN1W)

La Estelada vermella

(Photo source: Wikipedia, http://goo.gl/YOxQFB)

La Rojigualda

If you want to travel around the city itself with an experienced Barcelona private tour guide, and learn all about all the different flags we have in the city, don’t miss a chance to join our exclusive city tours.

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Text: Caroline Guardabassi

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      Of course, it is a super interesting topic. Which part would you like to learn more about in particular?


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