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Art & History

5 Books About Barcelona You Should Read Before Visiting

There are many ways to learn more about a city or a region. Exploring it on your own, taking tours and doing online research are just some of the most obvious. This time we would like to focus on that very special part of the trip preparation, the one in which we want to get…

Tarragona Day Trip: An Ancient Experience

Just an hour south of Barcelona, the port city of Tarragona attracts thousands of visitors every year, offering each one of them a direct contact with the ancient world. Read through to find out what you can expect to see and learn about on a Tarragona Day Trip! Two millennia ago, Tarragona was one of the…

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Come and get this exciting and interactive way to experience Barcelona’s Old Town. During this fun, relaxed and informative evening, you will visit our favorite authentic venues, feel the local vibe and enjoy Catalan and Spanish typical tapas and gourmet dishes, as well as a plentiful diversity of wine.

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Montserrat & Wine private day trips are guided by one of our fun, informative guides who give you a great, detailed explanation of the history of Montserrat, as well as the history of the region of Catalunya.