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Looking to grab a bite in Barcelona? These traditional Spanish dishes are a bite-sized snack that can be enjoyed at any time of day! Tapas are easily found on every street in Barcelona and offer a variety of tastes and flavors. Chorizo, cheese, shrimp, onion, chicken, tomato, potato, the possibilities are endless! A combination of these small plates can make for a savory meal that will leave your tummy and your taste buds feeling satisfied.

The Origin of Tapas

The full history of tapas is unclear and often debated by the natives of Spain. One common tale is that tapas were originally a chunk of bread used to cover a glass of alcohol to keep the flies out. This explains their name because ‘tapa’ means ‘cover’ or ‘lid’. As time went on, competition between restaurants drove the small snack to be more and more ornate, and eventually, they became a dish of their own!

Grab a glass of wine and a group of friends and try some of these traditional tapas!

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