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The Genius of Dalí and Medieval Girona Private Day Tour

An Intriguing Point of View of an Artist!

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Uncover the genius behind one of the brilliant artists in Figueres near Barcelona!

Local, knowledgeable guides lead you on these very well rounded tours that are tailored to your personal interests and pace. A customized experience combining walking parts with transportation on a private vehicle.

About the Tour

Being one of the most ingenious artists of all times, Salvador Dalí has left a legacy that keeps fascinating even the least enthusiastic of the art enthusiasts. His art delights, his mind intrigues.

This private day tour, led by a truly expert guide, is meant to help you dive into his genius, explore different outlooks and appreciate his work in profound and fresh ways. We will start by driving to his birthplace, Figueres. The most famous landmark in this town is the museum that Dalí created in the 1970’s, where a huge collection of his works is housed and displayed. As per Dalí’s intentions, the museum is meant to be explored in a personal, independent way. Once you get in for this journey, you will be fully prepared and backed up by the valuable insight provided by your private guide.

The day will continue filled with culture, art and exciting discoveries. We will head to the beautiful medieval town of Girona, where a fantastic 3-course meal of local cuisine awaits us. With energies restored, your guide will take you on a private tour through the tiny, winding cobblestone streets, pedestrian bridges, colorful houses and buildings lining the Onyar River, great shops, charming cafes and restaurants, the incredible Cathedral, Jewish Museum, Arab Baths and much more. We’ll take a stroll along the top of the ancient Roman wall that still surrounds part of the town, as well as wander through the peaceful gardens inside the towers at either end.

After an afternoon of pure immersion in old times, richness of history, culture and charm, we will return to Barcelona with a big smile on our faces.