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Barcelona Sailing Tour

Sails On!

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Private Group 1 to 8 People All Ages
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Join us for a great sea relaxation and expedition here in Barcelona!

Set sails in style on this luxurious, relaxing coastal tour. You will sail alongside the coast of Barcelona and enjoy the serenity and crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea. Put your sailing skills to the test by practicing tacks and jibes with the crew or just sit back and relax with a drink and snacks, enjoying Barcelona’s skyline from a totally different angle. While you admire the stunning coastline, a knowledgeable and personable English-speaking captain will regale you with stories of the golden times of Catalan sailors. On this Barcelona Sailing Tour, you will learn everything from the Roman conquest of the Catalan coast to the British rule of Barcelona, and bring back interesting anecdotes about the great Catalan culture to share and spread.

A relaxing jaunt through the famous Mediterranean waters of Catalunya

Once you get out to sea, the Mediterranean starts to shine and invites you to jump in and have a swim. This is the quickest way to get out of the city and get some fresh air and beautiful views. If you want a quick and easy excursion out of the bustle of the urban city but don’t want to wander too far, the Barcelona Sailing Tour is just the escape you need.