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Hands on Paella Cooking Class and Local Market Tour

An Exquisite Learning Experience!

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Come live the amazing experience of cooking a delicious Paella in Barcelona!

Work one-on-one with a professional local chef, discover where to buy the right ingredients and how to work the magic to end up with a five-star paella. And of course, taste an authentic traditional Spanish meal made by your own hand!

About the Tour

Learn how we do it here!

One of the most important parts of any culture is the unique gastronomical history each holds. Throughout Spain, one of the most important foods is paella. Broadly defined, paella is a union of two different cultures – Roman (the pan) and Arab (the rice). Paella has its roots in Valencia and was originally the food of farmers and farm laborers. Workers would cook it over the wood fire for their daily lunchtime meals. When visiting Barcelona, paella is a must-try food. But, for those interested in going even deeper and broadening your understanding and appreciation for the dish, this experience is for you.

Visit an authentic market

The Hands-On Cooking Classes and Local Market Tour starts off with a visit to a local market with a professional chef. The Mercat del Ninot is a prime example of an authentic traditional local market filled to the brim with fresh fish, locally farmed produce, and high-quality meat. When we visit the Mercat, it is always a feast for the senses; the foods are of all sizes and colors, the shop owners are calling out prices, and the tasting bars & eateries in a beautiful open-air space will tempt our noses and mouths. Centered in the hustle-and-bustle in the market, we will get the opportunity to taste the many flavors of Catalonia and will meet local vendors as we buy the ingredients for the class. The ingredients we buy will vary depending on what type of paella we desire (mixed, seafood, vegetarian, etc.), any dietary restrictions, and whatever ingredients the current season has to offer.

Cook with a professional kitchen staff

After getting our fill of the market and once our baskets are brimming with ingredients, our group will return to the chef’s personal kitchen. Here, we will work through the essential steps needed to make real Sangria, our custom Paella, and a traditional dessert; all in a professional cooking space. In the kitchen, we will be the head chefs: we will prepare the ingredients and cook the meal under the helpful guidance of our professional staff. This hands-on experience is always performed in small groups so each person gets the chance to participate!