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Roman Spain – Tarragona Day Tour

Gaze at the Beauty of Architecture!

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Guest All Ages
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See some of the most beautiful pieces of Roman architecture outside of Barcelona!


  • The 2nd Century Amphitheater: Used for gladiator fights, wild beast fights, and public executions
  • Tarragona’s Circus: Used for horse and chariot races, is considered one of the best-preserved circuses in the West
  • The remains of the Provincial Forum: The political center of Tarragona
  • The recently discovered remains of a Roman temple within a cathedral
  • A fantastic 3-course lunch of Catalan cuisine

Just a short trip outside of Barcelona, Tarragona is a journey back in time to the Roman Empire. In Tarragona, we get the opportunity to view some of the most beautifully preserved and some of the oldest examples of Roman architecture outside of Italy. The Tarragona Roman Tour is a small-group day-trip outside of the hustle and bustle of Barcelona that takes us to some of the most beautiful pieces of architecture on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites that are perfect for any history buff or anybody interested in seeing beautiful places around the world.

Follow the footsteps of Romans

The Tarragona Roman day tour will retrace the steps of period Romans as we travel on and enter Tarragona’s center using the Via Augusto (the longest and busiest road built by the Romans) in the area. Once we enter the city, we will be led on a day of exploration as our guide purchases multi-monument tickets for us to gain access to the many Roman heritage sites in the area.

Explore the Roman City

Once we have finished, we will traverse the Roman boundary walls, said to be the oldest Roman constructions outside Italy. After the wall, we will explore the interesting Medieval, Roman, and Gothic sites within the city itself. Some of the more interesting sites include The Medieval Hospital (a Romanesque-Gothic structure that serves as the seat of the El Tarragonès Regional Council), The Jewish quarter (the Jewish neighborhood located near the King for protection and isolation), and much more. The adventure in Tarragona ends with a quick drive to the famous Pont del Diable, or Devil’s Bridge; a structure that is a great example of a Roman aqueduct that integrates various sized conduits. This is a great way to finish off your introduction to Roman structures.

An Amazing Roman and Catalan Lunch

After exploring and building our appetite, we will head to an amazing lunch in Montblanc near the San Jordi gate. Amongst the villages of Roman settlers, the meal will consist of traditional Catalan and some Roman-influenced gastronomy. This meal will help deepen our experience of the area’s mixed culture. Following that amazing lunch the final part of our day-trip into history will involve a tour through either the Poblet or the Santes Creus monastery. Both are great ways to learn more about the religious culture of the area and both are a great end to the day. After seeing the monastery, groups will head back to Barcelona.

**No availability on your preferred date? Try booking a Private Tour.

Important: If you ended up being the only two guests on a small-group tour, there would be a surcharge of 25€/person in order for the tour to go ahead privately. You would also have the options to reschedule or cancel and be reimbursed, subject to our cancellation policy.

Looking for something special?

Small Groups Tours are great! But, you can also book a Private Tarragona Day Tour if you want to keep it between you and your friends/family.