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National Meeting of Giants: What Are Gigantes?



In Catalan culture, the Giants, known as “Gigantes” or “Gegants,” symbolize the essence of community, tradition, and celebration. These towering figures, often paraded through streets during festivals, represent historical and mythical characters, embodying the pride and identity of Catalonia. They evoke a sense of unity, heritage, and festivity, playing a significant role in cultural events and connecting present-day Catalans with their past.

The Nobles or Catalan characters are integral to Catalonia’s popular celebrations, and even reflect each city’s culture and local history, they commonly feature local noblemen and noblewomen, peasants, and historical figures of significance such as kings and queens. 

Barcelona’s own giants, Jaume and Violant, created in 1992, symbolize significant Catalan monarchs. Accompanied by traditional music, they perform a unique dance, portraying their meeting, flirtation, and celebration of love.

When not in parade, they are displayed in special cathedrals around the Catalonia area where you can see their impressive stature and unique clothing. 

This Year 2024, on April 28 there will be the National Meeting of the Giants, hosting around 230+ giants that will take place in Arc de Triumph. We hope to see you there! 


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