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Mediterranean Lifestyle 101

The sounds of laughing, running children drifting through the open windows at midnight after a lazy summer day. Flower-covered terraces stretching across modernist buildings. The stillness that settles upon the usually-bustling squares and streets…
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The Hidden Gem of Barcelona – Mercat de Sant Antoni

Comparable to the famous market La Boquería, but bigger and recently reopened, the Mercat de Sant Antoni offers something for every foodie or hungry belly. Newly-opened, charming Sant Antoni is an exclusive experience. The friendly neighborhood…
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Where to Go in Spain According to Your Tastebuds

Spain is known as a culinary dream, and no wonder - of the past fifteen years, seven years of those years featured a Spanish restaurant has come out on top as the best restaurant in the world according to the prestigious British magazine Restaurant.  Essentially,…
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European vines with American feet

Call it a cross-cultural exchange or a horrible mistake, this is another bump in the long history between Americans and Europeans - we accidentally endangered Europe’s beloved vineyards and their wine-loving way of life. Many European countries,…
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Flamenco – the Dance of Spain

Imagine yourself sitting back after enjoying an amazing day tour in Barcelona with Spanish Trails and discovering the expression and passion on the faces of flamenco dancers, a spectacle that will amaze even the most knowledgeable dance aficionados.…
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Temps de Flors Festival

Indulge your senses in unique floral art decorations, light displays, fountains, acapella concerts and community pride at the Temps de Flors festival. The height of spring is also the season of anticipation for one of the biggest festivals…
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Top Things To Do In Barcelona

Our highly diverse team at Spanish Trails can tailor your holiday experience to your needs, but if you're still unsure of a potential destination, here are some ideas of top things to do in Barcelona: Visit the Sagrada Familia. Designed by…
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The Best Picnic Spots in Barcelona

Summer in Barcelona screams for a picnic! Barcelona is full of perfect and peaceful picnic spots and you don't even have to leave town. There are more than 300 sunny days per year, so it's not necessary to worry about the weather. Take your…
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All About Festa Major de Gracia – Barcelona’s Biggest Neighborhood Festival

It is almost here again! Festa Major de Gracia – The most important festival in the Gracia district and at the same time the most colorful and biggest neighborhood festival in Barcelona. The Gracia festival happens every year, from the 15th…
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