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Visit Tarragona

Spanish Trails has recently added a brand new Barcelona day tour to the list of amazing experiences we offer. The Roman Spain, Tarragona Day Tour features the ancient city of Tarragona and is a great way to discover the largest site of Roman…
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What Makes a Dalí a Dalí?

To discover Salvador Dalí, revered as one of the most influential artists from Spain, is an exciting task. Having promoted and lived the surrealist movement from his home in the Costa Brava and the Emporda Region, his influence on the culture…
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Secret Forest: An Inside Perspective

We recently went on a half-day hike through Barcelona’s green lung, the Collserola Natural Park, and followed it with a truly authentic Catalan lunch which is any nature lover’s dream. The Secret Forest is a lush, hidden oasis in the outskirts…
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Autumn in Barcelona: Culture & Traditions

Autumn is here and one more time Barcelona is preparing for this vibrant season, filled with peculiar traditions and delicious gastronomic proposals. What a great time of the year to visit the city! Seasonal Sweets & Nuts A Spanish tradition…
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The best view points in Barcelona

If you want to visit Barcelona, you might want look at the big picture before you dive into its narrow gothic streets. Where can you get a bird’s eye view of Barcelona? You have different places to see the important landmarks, mountains and…
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Dalí and Girona: An Inside Perspective

We are starting a new series where we highlight our tours and expert tour guides from an inside perspective. Our Spanish Trails interns hope you enjoy this more personalized look at what Spanish Trails has to offer by recounting their tour experiences.  A…
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Helpful Spanish Phrases to Use on Your Spanish Vacation

Traveling to a new country is both exciting and new, offering fresh perspectives on culture, architecture, food, people, and language. Language is complex yet simple, an oxymoron in every sense, and is one of those special things that brings…
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The Festival of Sant Juan

The Sant Joan festival goes by many names, but in Catalonia and Barcelona, it is most often called the Nit de Sant Joan which translates to St. John’s Eve. Even though the celebration goes by many names, they all refer to the same…
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Experience Kayaking

My earliest memories of family vacations are kayaking through the glittering blue waters of the coast of Sicily with my father. Occasionally jumping off to snorkel or peer at the myriad of colorful fish below us, we would spend hours wandering…
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