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Dalí Museum & Medieval Girona Day Trip

An Exciting Taste of Culture, Art, and More!

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Experience art, culture, and history of the Girona region from Barcelona!

A true and exciting taste of the art, culture, history and cuisine of the beautiful Girona region. Entrances & lunch included!

Our Spanish Trails day trip from Barcelona to Girona and Dalí museum in Figueres is a well-rounded day tour experience from Barcelona into the heart of the Girona region of Catalonia for a full day of culture, art, history and local cuisine. The walled, Roman and medieval city of Girona (from the 1st century) and neighboring Figueres (home of the Dalí Museum) are about an hour north of Barcelona situated in the beautiful province of Girona, home to charming villages of the eastern Pyrenees and beautiful beaches and villages of the Costa Brava. Dalí & Girona day trips are personalized, guided tours that have proven to be popular excursions for travelers of all ages and interest levels.

The Dalí & Girona day tours begin with a 1.5-2 hour visit to the museum of the great surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí. The Dalí Museum in Figueres is a museum designed by none other than Salvador Dalí himself and houses his works from all stages of his unique life as one of the world’s most accomplished and recognized artists. This experience is not only a must for any art enthusiast but also a unique, unforgettable experience for any inquisitive traveler. As Dalí had intended, exploring the museum is a personal, independent experience, however, our guides will give you plenty of insight to understand the artist and the museum before the experience (entrances included).

After leaving the Dali Museum, we move on to Girona where you will first enjoy a great lunch of local, creative cuisine. After our meal, we will move on to explore Girona’s colorful history and medieval architecture by strolling through the winding old quarter and Jewish Call. Wind the streets through the many amazing houses, churches and gardens as well as a visit to Girona city’s world-famous Gothic Cathedral and/or Jewish heritage center of Bonastruc Sa Porta. As a former home to Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Franks and the now an autonomous Catalan state, Girona has stood the test of time after enduring countless attacks by countless armies. The local Catalans who live here have tastefully respected their unique history in carrying out the art, architectural and cultural traditions since its founding nearly 2000 years ago. Dali Girona tours are extremely well-rounded days that hold something unique and memorable for all ages and interests.

**No availability on your preferred date? Try booking a Private Tour.

Important: If you ended up being the only two guests on a small-group tour, there would be a surcharge of 25€/person in order for the tour to go ahead privately. You would also have the options to reschedule or cancel and be reimbursed, subject to our cancellation policy.

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