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Indulge your senses in unique floral art decorations, light displays, fountains, acapella concerts and community pride at the Temps de Flors festival.

The height of spring is also the season of anticipation for one of the biggest festivals in Girona, Catalonia. Temps de Flors (‘flower season’ in Catalan) is a celebration of nature, art, and community in the middle of May, a celebration of when the everyday is transformed into something magical. Although packed with visitors, the festival feels intimate thanks to the proud contributions of what seems like every member of the city of Girona.

The magic of this whimsical festival is that it converts normal, public spaces, like courtyards and monuments, into an experience of color and smell. Intricate floral art installations sprawl across stone buildings, ancient churches, crowded squares and even into antique Arabic baths. Sometimes the arrangements are humorous, with flowers designed in the shape of an enormous mustached face, or a clever pun of a wooden bed full of flowers (a flower bed).

In addition, many houses in Girona date back to medieval times and are therefore built differently than the modern houses of today. The old houses have interior courtyards that, come Temps de Flors, are adorned in lavish displays of flowers. The owners let the public peek in their private garden each May. For the proud households of Girona, this is no ordinary occurrence and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Checking out the pristinely-kept and gorgeously-decorated gardens is one of the highlights of this Catalan festival.

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