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Mar I Muntanya: The Essence of the Catalan Cuisine

“The cuisine of a country is its landscape put in a pot.” And if there is one thing that Catalonia is blessed with, that is definitely it's landscapes.
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Traveling To and From Barcelona

We thought it’d be helpful to create a list of the top 6 destinations our clients visit the most when traveling in Europe and some tips on how to travel to or from them in relation to Barcelona.
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Shopping in Barcelona: Find the Local Exclusivity

Enough with H&M, Mango and Zara! You are in one of the most artistic and fashioned cities in the world. Give it a shot to Barcelona’s local designers and find yourself surrounded by unique shops and exclusive products
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The Tipping Etiquette: Where, When and How Much

Trying to figure out who to tip, how much and when is always a challenge when you're in a foreign country. Here is a tipping guide to help you out when in Spain!
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Barcelona Food Markets: Life Beyond La Boquería

Barcelona is divided into ten districts, and each one has at least three municipal food markets. Yes, you read it right: three! Find more about them and get detailed info of market's addresses, working hours and best features in this article
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The Top 10 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona’s gastronomic options are wide and varied, but we know how tricky it can be to decide your to-eat list during your short stay. If finding a decent, good restaurant in a foreign city is already difficult, things can get even harder…
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Bringing Wine to the U.S.: Here is All You Need to Know

How much wine will you be able to bring back home, in case you fall in love with a bottle (probabilities are high)?
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Top 10 Travel Apps for Your Barcelona Trip

It was about time: here are the best 10 travel apps for your time in Barcelona!
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Walking on Art: the History Behind Barcelona’s Tiles

The most delightful thing about Barcelona is that you can always – believe me, always – discover something new to appreciate. You just gotta have your eyes wide open and pay attention to everything. In this case, to the floor!
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