10 Things You Should Know About D. O. Penedès

Penedès is a wonderful piece of Catalonia! We love it and take every opportunity to explore its towns, new places and, of course, new wineries! Keeping all the wine lovers and countryside travelers in our minds, we came up with this brief post…
Barcelona in winter

Why You Should Visit Barcelona in Winter

It's ok if when you think of Barcelona your mind gets filled with images of sun, sand, sangrias, and a few things in between. Summer by the Mediterranean really is something special. But Barcelona is so much more than that! Actually,…
Colón Barcelona

October 12th and the National Day of Spain

Today is a holiday in Spain, and one of the most important ones. It is called "Nuestra Señora del Pilar", in honor of the patron virgin of Spain and of the Hispanic people, and of the Civil Guard of Spain.  This date is also called "Fiesta…
Running in Barcelona

Running in Barcelona: the Top 5 Routes

Who said that you have to leave your work-out life behind when traveling? Of course you need to go for your daily run before joining a day tour in Barcelona. We've chosen our 5 favorite routes out of the more than 23 routes for runners that…
Hidden Gems in Barcelona

Barcelona's Hidden Gems: What to See and Do on your Second Visit to the City

Barcelona is part of the selected team of cities that are worth visiting more than once. Apart from the popular things to do and see like Las Ramblas, Park Güell, Casa Batlló and so on, this city houses a lot of interesting places that not…
Barcelona Festival Mercè

Traveling to Barcelona in September? Make Room for La Mercè Festival

If your travel plans include a visit to the best city in the world (a.k.a. Barcelona) in September, and that'd happen anytime between the 18th and the 24th September, you must be ready to have a blast. La Mercè Festival is the city's largest…

Paella and Fideuà: what are the differences?

Every traveler interested in Spanish cuisine is familiar with Paella, the rice dish that mixes many different delicious ingredients, from peas and peppers to chorizos and squids. However, we have noticed that many of the visitors, some of those…
Instagram Barcelona

Our 10 favorite Instagram Accounts about Barcelona

Since we joined Instagram, we've been following all sorts of people: guests, partners, food lovers, architects, official accounts, magazines, travelers, explorers... But we do save some soft spot for those who put some extra effort when capturing…
Barcelona Lifestyle Guide

12 Mistakes Not to Make when Visiting Barcelona

Every traveler knows that the more a person travels, the easier it gets. However, every new city that you visit has its own tricks that may or may not be easy to spot. We see visitors making basic mistakes time and time again, and we know that…
Summer Sales Barcelona

2015 Summer sales in Barcelona: July 1st

We're sure you know: Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world for shopping! You can find international brands and local boutiques all concentrated in the city center, or fantastic shopping malls super easy to reach by public transportation. There…
Sant Joan

Sant Joan 2015: a Last-Minute Guide

Tonight is one of the most important nights of the year in Catalonia. It marks the summer solstice and is also the festival of Sant Joan. This holiday is officially tomorrow (June 24th), but tonight is what Catalans call 'la revetlla' – the…
Barcelona Summer

Summer in Barcelona: the 6 Best Summer Clichês

Summer season officially started yesterday, June 21st and we are super excited to bring up all the summer cliches: ice-cream, Mediterranean salads, cold sangria at the best rooftop terrace in town, cultural programs and, of course, beach…
News in Spain

Top 4 Ways to Read Barcelona News in English

Looking for some Barcelona local news? Here is a selection of 4 local magazines and newspapers, published in English: 1. The Local     The Local is the largest English-language news network in Europe, with having four…
Catalunya in Manhattan

All you need to know about Travel Insurance

With so many variables to account for, choosing the right travel insurance is tricky business... here are some tips on how to choose the right one! To begin with, it is important to note that travel insurance goes way beyond medical protection.…
Catalunya in Manhattan

A Bit of Cataluyna in Manhattan

Text: BJ Adler When our son Danny was an exchange student in Barcelona back in 2007, he introduced us to the festive and fun early spring calçotada feasts that happen throughout Catalunya when the wintered-over calçots (a type of leek-like…
Museums Barcelona

Nit dels Museus 2015: What to See and Do

One of our favorite nights in Barcelona is coming up! The Night of the Museums will take place on Saturday, May 16th, and it will make you reconsider everything that you have ever thought about visiting museums. We just love this night. Over…

Falset Wine Festival, a Sacred Weekend for Wine Lovers

Text: Danny Adler After last weekend, the first weekend of May will only mean one thing to me. The Falset Wine Festival has arrived! The wines of the Priorat have had a special place in my heart since I first started drinking wine. I…
Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi's Day: Books, Roses and Smiles All Around

Saint George by Raphael   Sant Jordi's Day (Saint George in Catalan) is much more than a simple feast day in Barcelona. It is the Catalan equivalent to Valentine's Day, and love is in the air! Each year the streets are filled with…

Best Child-Friendly Places to Eat in Barcelona

If you have kids, we are sure you already know: Barcelona is, by nature, a kids-friendly city. The entire town just looks like a giant amusement park, filled with 'spooky bone houses', ceramic lizard sellers and colorful mosaics. But after a morning of sightseeing, where will you go to feed your little ones?
Catalan Food

Mar I Muntanya: The Essence of the Catalan Cuisine

“The cuisine of a country is its landscape put in a pot.” And if there is one thing that Catalonia is blessed with, that is definitely it's landscapes.
Traveling to and from Barcelona

Traveling To and From Barcelona

We thought it’d be helpful to create a list of the top 6 destinations our clients visit the most when traveling in Europe and some tips on how to travel to or from them in relation to Barcelona.
Shopping in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona: Find the Local Exclusivity

Enough with H&M, Mango and Zara! You are in one of the most artistic and fashioned cities in the world. Give it a shot to Barcelona’s local designers and find yourself surrounded by unique shops and exclusive products
Tipping in Barcelona

The Tipping Etiquette: Where, When and How Much

Trying to figure out who to tip, how much and when is always a challenge when you're in a foreign country. Here is a tipping guide to help you out when in Spain!
Food Market

Barcelona Food Markets: Life Beyond La Boquería

Barcelona is divided into ten districts, and each one has at least three municipal food markets. Yes, you read it right: three! Find more about them and get detailed info of market's addresses, working hours and best features in this article

The Top 10 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona’s gastronomic options are wide and varied, but we know how tricky it can be to decide your to-eat list during your short stay. If finding a decent, good restaurant in a foreign city is already difficult, things can get even harder…
Wine in Barcelona

Bringing Wine to the U.S.: Here is All You Need to Know

How much wine will you be able to bring back home, in case you fall in love with a bottle (probabilities are high)?
Barcelona Housing

Top 10 Travel Apps for Your Barcelona Trip

It was about time: here are the best 10 travel apps for your time in Barcelona!

Walking on Art: the History Behind Barcelona’s Tiles

The most delightful thing about Barcelona is that you can always – believe me, always – discover something new to appreciate. You just gotta have your eyes wide open and pay attention to everything. In this case, to the floor!
Paella in Barcelona

Paella in Barcelona: the Two Unspoken Rules When Choosing Your Restaurant

One of the dishes that most people are eager to try on a visit to Barcelona is Paella. If you are one of them, here are two very important rules that you need to know

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