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Wine in Barcelona

How to Take Wine Bottles Back Home

As experts in day trips in Barcelona, we often get many questions on how to transport wine bottles back to other countries. No wonder! The wines we offer in our wine and food tasting experiences are truly something special and we expect you…
Spanish Trails in Madrid

Spanish Trails goes Madrid!

2016 starts big for the Barcelona-based tour company. After 15 years of Catalonia, it's time to hit the Capital After one year of return trips, strategic planning, and intense research, the Spanish Trails team is proud to announce its most…
Street Art Barcelona

Barcelona, City of Urban Artists

It’s no secret that Barcelona is a very artistic city and people from all over the world come to visit either appreciate art or become an artist. We’ve all heard of Gaudí, Miró, Picasso, and Dalí, and their creations surround us everywhere…
Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas in Barcelona: Getting Ready for the Magic

December has arrived, and Barcelona is welcoming all the lights, decorations, seasonal markets and joyful songs that come with the last month of the year. And not Barcelona: all Catalan cities, towns, and villages are getting immersed into…
Churros in Barcelona

Top 5 Places for Churros in Barcelona

After a pretty warm October and two weeks of surprisingly good weather in November (seriously, almost no clouds in the sky and short sleeves being an ok option for outfits), temperatures in Barcelona have finally gone down. We are happy to welcome…

10 Things You Should Know About D. O. Penedès

Penedès is a wonderful piece of Catalonia! We love it and take every opportunity to explore its towns, new places and, of course, new wineries! Keeping all the wine lovers and countryside travelers in our minds, we came up with this brief post…
Barcelona in winter

Why You Should Visit Barcelona in Winter

It's ok if when you think of Barcelona your mind gets filled with images of sun, sand, sangrias, and a few things in between. Summer by the Mediterranean really is something special. But Barcelona is so much more than that! Actually,…
Colón Barcelona

October 12th and the National Day of Spain

Today is a holiday in Spain, and one of the most important ones. It is called "Nuestra Señora del Pilar", in honor of the patron virgin of Spain and of the Hispanic people, and of the Civil Guard of Spain.  This date is also called "Fiesta…
Running in Barcelona

Running in Barcelona: the Top 5 Routes

Who said that you have to leave your work-out life behind when traveling? Of course you need to go for your daily run before joining a day tour in Barcelona. We've chosen our 5 favorite routes out of the more than 23 routes for runners that…