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Text: Sophia Keller & Iasa Monique

If you have kids, we are sure you already know: Barcelona is, by nature, a kid-friendly city. The entire town just looks like a giant amusement park, filled with ‘spooky bone houses’, ceramic lizard sellers and colorful mosaics. While you walk down the historical boulevard of Las Ramblas, they are walking down a fantasy hallway that counts with one fairy, one dragon, one magician, one Dali muse and, sometimes, even Superman shows up. While you stare at the famous Apple of Discord, they try to figure out the size of the action figures they would need to play around that funny village. Totally a win-win situation!

To make things even better, most of the restaurants offer a special menu for kids, just as with many Mediterranean cities. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to have your own list in hand at all times – especially if you are looking for a place where your little ones can actually enjoy themselves instead of just waiting for the lunch to end (or whining about that weird exotic thing sitting in the plate). So here it is! A list of our 10 favorite restaurants to go with kids:


On Saturday, they offer cooking workshops for the little ones (ages 4 to 10), which will keep them distracted while you enjoy your meal with the rest of the grownups! The price of the workshop is 20 Euros (including lunch for your kid). This restaurant is the perfect example of French and Catalan cuisine mixed together, and the owners and chefs work hard on putting on the plate the most inventive ingredients.

Recommended dish: Fresh pasta with prawns.

Address: C/ Rosselló, 148.

Prices: $$

How to get there: Metro L5, Diagonal or Hospital Clínic stop. FGC, all lines Provença stop.



Asador de Aranda

This is for the meat-lovers. Placed in a stunning Catalan art nouveau house we find this wine, landmark restaurant in Barcelona, where the products are first class and the secret preparation makes the final result just exquisite.

Recommended dish: Gotta try the lamb.

Address: Av. del Tibidabo 31

Prices: $$$

How to get there: FGC, stop Tibidabo.


Granja Petitbo

For early-day foods like breakfast, lunch and midday snacks this is the perfect place to enjoy homemade dishes with the family. Their set lunch menú del día is perfect and worth trying on weekdays, and on the weekend mornings make sure you don’t miss their amazing brunches.


Recommended dish: eggs benedicts.

Address: Passeig de Sant Joan, 82.

Prices: $

How to get there: Metro L5, Verdaguer stop, L4, Girona stop and L2, Tetuan stop.




This Disneyesque looking café was designed for spending the afternoon with your kids. It offers a wide variety of pastries and coffee for the grownups while the little ones spend their time playing with games, books and even writing on chalkboards. Also, there are certain amounts of iPads at their disposal for them to play with.


Recommended dish: Carrot cake

Address: C/ Pau Claris, 90.

Prices: $

How to get there: Metro L2, L3 and L4, Passeig de Gràcia stop, L1 and L4 Urquinaona stop.



Papa’s & The Mama’s

This restaurant is the perfect place to take your kids and relax while having your meal as it offers the perfect combination of restaurant and playground for the entire family’s enjoyment. A plus for this place is that it’s very spacious and you won’t have any trouble with placing your stroller.


Recommended dish: Fritatta and seafood lasagna.

Address: Rambla del Poblenou, 127.

Prices: $

How to get there: Metro L4, Llacuna stop. Bus 7, Diagonal-Ciutat de Granada stop.




Idò DO Balear

This is the perfect restaurant to visit when wanting to try the traditional products from the Balearic Islands. Good lunch or dinner here consists of a combination of tapas and vermouth with the freshest of ingredients. Also, it’s got a big space designed especially for kids in order for them to play with toys and get creative on the chalkboard walls.


Recommended dish: ask for the waiter’s recommendation

Address: C/ Viladomat, 43.

Prices: $$

How to get there: Metro L3, Poble Sec stop.



Bar Calders

Sant Antoni is one of the foodie neighborhoods in the city, and it’s where this restaurant is located. This place is the one to go to in order to try amazing tapas accompanied by vermouth. Make sure you come during warm weather season, as its terrace is one of the best-kept secrets in town!


Recommended dish: Homemade Hummus.

Address: C/ Parlament, 25.

Prices: $$

How to get there: Metro L3, Poble Sec stop.




Bread & Circuses

Owned by two American women, this sandwich shop sells the most authentic American food (except hamburgers!). This shop sells the best and freshest products in order to make their famous sandwiches, most of the sized to suit and with original combinations and fillings. This is the perfect place to come with the entire family, dogs included!



Recommended dish: the Roast beef sandwich.

Address: C/ Blasco de Garay, 59.

Prices: $

How to get there: Metro L3, Poble Sec stop.



Doble Zeroo (Kodomoo)

Kodomoo means “child” in Japanese. This restaurant is the best place to come on Saturdays with your children as it offers a wide and delicious variety of food and special attention to the little ones with babysitters with age-appropriate games and activities to keep them entertained.


Recommended dish: Mosquito roll.

Address: C/ Jaume Giralt, 53.

Prices: $$

How to get there: Metro L1 and L4, Urquinaona stop.

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