Cycling in La Garrotxa

There are many ways to explore a territory, and each one has its own wonders and advantages. Recently we set out to cycling in La Garrotxa! Fast enough to cover large portions of land, yet slow enough to catch every detail, cycling is not only a great sport, a passion or a healthy way to exercise. It is also an amazing form of touring and discovering. Sounds and smells, far away landscapes as well as small flowers, leaves, insects, people’s faces and voices or their food aromas, we can appreciate all of that and much more while pedaling on our bicycles.

This time we chose a spectacular natural reserve, the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa, and its marvelous beech tree forest, Fajeda d’en Jordà. We’re excited to share the experience with you!

Cycling La Garrotxa

This unique landscape is characterized by the presence of ancient extinct volcanoes, whose lava flows covered the bottoms of the local river valleys and generated a very fertile soil. Over thousands of years, this volcanic rock has been modeled by the natural elements into amazing cliffs and peculiar geological formations.

Scattered around the nature of this spectacular region, we find several beautiful medieval villages, whose stone houses, walls, churches and bridges take our minds many centuries back to a legendary time: Besalu, Santa Pau and Castellfollit de la Roca are some of our favorite examples.


At Spanish Trails we’re constantly working to create new adventures, experiences and routes for our clients and friends. Cycling in La Garrotxa is one we can’t wait to repeat!

How about taking your bike out and exploring your local trails? Share it with us, we’d love to know about them!

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