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Here in Barcelona, the streets are flooded with blue and scarlet as the locals support their favorite football club, FC Barcelona. The excitement over the renowned soccer club began in November of 1899. The club was founded by Joan Gamper, a man who came to Barcelona in search of professional success with a passion for the game of soccer. His advertisement in Los Deportes magazine caught the eye of 11 other athletes. These talented men joined Gamper to officially form Football Club Barcelona. The team has since been dedicated to the Catalan identity and bringing pride to the city of Barcelona.

Home Field

Camp Nou, meaning “New Ground”, has been the home of FC Barcelona since 1957. The construction of the stadium originally cost 288 million pesetas (about 2 million US dollars). Camp Nou holds 98,787 people at maximum capacity. This is 17,000 more people than Metlife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets. Today, a seat in Camp Nou to experience excitement first hand can cost anywhere from 30€-1000€. Whether you attend the match or catch the highlights on the television, last night’s football is a topic of conversation for all ages here in Barcelona.

Camp Nou Barcelona


FC Barcelona Today

Today, FC Barcelona is led by Lionel Messi who has scored 26 goals and made 16 assists this season. Luis Suárez also dominates on the field for FC Barcelona who has scored a massive 40 goals and made 16 assists this year. The team is ranked first in The Champions League and is also ranked first in La Liga. The team’s success has only sparked more and more excitement in the city of Barcelona over the game of soccer. When FC Barcelona plays at home the stands are packed with wild fans ready to cheer on their favorite team!

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