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2016 starts big for the Barcelona-based tour company. After 15 years of Catalonia, it’s time to hit the Capital

After one year of return trips, strategic planning, and intense research, the Spanish Trails team is proud to announce its most ambitious projects up to date. After 15 years of exploring every and each part of Catalonia -and sharing it with guests from all around the globe, we are ready to add a brand new page to our catalog of tours & services. And this time, in Madrid!

Over a year ago, co-founders Charles and Tracy Harris-Inman and the manager Danny Adler started thinking about the expansion after receiving several requests from guests who wanted to include the capital in their travel itineraries. If the idea sounded a little bit crazy at first -a big city, much bigger than Barcelona, 5-hours drive away-, the obstacles kept getting smaller as one of our star guides, Saskia, agreed in leading an investigation on routes & activities around there.

A few months passed and Madrid showed itself warm and welcoming, and with tons of possibilities. And Spanish Trails, with the expertise of the 1st, ranked tourism company in Barcelona (check our profile in Trip Advisor), began doing its homework and came up with a handful of activities that already need to be in the to-do list of any traveler.

Managed and planned by the original Spanish Trails team, and organized by the 5-star tour guide Saskia Mann, Spanish Trails Madrid should start its activities at the beginning of March 2016. Wanna know what’s on the list?


  • Timeless Segovia: Roman roots, Castilian tradition:
    We will discover the ancient and impressive Roman Aqueduct, the fabulous Alcázar castle that already inspired Walt Disney, the massive gothic “Lady of Cathedrals”, and the little winding streets of the old quarter of this historic city.
  • Exploring Toledo: The Imperial Cultural Crossroads:
    Toledo is the “City of Three Cultures” because of the historical co-existence of the Christians, Moors and Jewish people. It was also formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Castile and home to many artists. We will get to know the history behind the city that so beautifully blends different style of art & architecture.  
  • Provincial Madrid Tastings: Farm fresh to table delights
    This tour will take us out of the city. We will meet local producers of some of the most typical Spanish products, visit their farms, learn about the elaboration of the products and their particularities and, of course, to taste them! Our road will take us to a Manchego sheep farm, an olive oil mill and a winery.
  • Cuenca’s Hanging houses & La Ciudad Encantada
    On this tour, we will get to know “The Enchanted City”, a magical pine tree forest full of curious rock formations that originated millions of years ago, when this part of Spain was covered by the sea. Time and erosion have formed a fantastic landscape with unbelievable viewpoints that we will explore in the first part of the day. After lunch, we will drive to the beautiful walled city of Cuenca which is famous for its hanging houses and it’s narrow cobblestone alleys.
  • Wines of Castile: D.O. Vino de Madrid:
    The excellence of this wine region right around Madrid is no secret anymore. Many of its awarded wines are exported around the world. This tour will take us to visit local wineries, see the vineyards, meet the winemakers, learn about the elaboration of their products and enjoy extensive guided tastings, plus an authentic lunch. A great tour to combine learning and fun.

Wanna know more? Write us at info(at)spanish-trails.com!

Spanish Trails in Madrid

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