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Summer season officially started yesterday, June 21st and we are super excited to bring up all the summer cliches: ice-cream, Mediterranean salads, cold sangria at the best rooftop terrace in town, cultural programs and, of course, beach time. Here is our list of best summer cliches, and where to find them in Barcelona:



I personally think that when it comes to ice cream, it is really hard to compete with Italian gelatos. I don’t know what exactly they do over there that makes their ice cream impossible to reproduce, but nowhere in the world, you can find such a large amount of wonderful ice cream per square meter… So imagine my surprise when, only one week after returning from a trip to Rome, I had the opportunity to taste DelaCrem’s artisan ice cream and found out that their ice cream is not just good, it is AWESOME! They might not have an enormous list of flavors, but what they do have, they do right. I highly recommend you have at least one chocolate scoop: basic, intimate, creamy, and perfect above all. Here’s to a life where summer never ends and no one is judged for having DelaCrem’s ice cream every meal of every day.

summer in barcelona

Photo: TimeOut Barcelona

Enric Granados, 15 (close to Plaza Universitat. Take a walk up this street after you get your ice cream, it’s super charming!).



It is no secret that we are huge fans of the Hotel 1898’s rooftop bar. We have been there thousands of times and we recommend it to everyone. It is super well located (right in the middle of Las Ramblas), has the best views of the Old Quarter and the kitchen never disappoints. It is the perfect place for an afternoon “drink & tapas” after a day of wandering through alleys, some Saturday day-drinking by the pool or just checking out the Barcelona’s amazing magenta sunset.

summer in barcelona

Photo: Hotel 1989

Hotel 1898
Where? La Rambla, 109.



Yes, it is the best. Yes, it is summer condensed onto a plate. Take a deep breath and come with me through the ingredients (I’m taking you by the hand right now): goat cheese and beetroot cold-pressed juiced beetball, mixed sprouts, arugula, beetroot, mango, strawberries, pistachios and maple syrup vinaigrette. Now, learn the name: “When goat is god”. Well done, Teresa Carles Flax & Kale. You have our love.

summer in barcelona

Photo: Flax & Kale Facebook Page


Teresa Carles Flax & Kale
Calle Tallers, 74B (you can walk from Plaza Catalunya. Make sure to make a reservation.)



Easy: Sant Pol de Mar! It might not be the most impressive beach in the world, but definitely an amazing option for a wonderful seaside experience. Sant Pol de Mar is easy to reach (approx. 1h by train from Plaça Catalunya) and not as crowded as the beaches you’ll find in the city (Barceloneta, Nova Icaria, Bogatell…), plus it is a lot cleaner and has much more relaxed and respectful visitors (saving you from having to deal with garbage, drunks and all that summertime craziness). You will find rocky outcrops, fisherman’s cottages, a pretty village with an 11th-century church and the 2 Michelin star Restaurant Sant Pau. Pack your snorkels (they will be super useful there!) and enjoy summer at its best 🙂

summer in barcelona

Photo: St Pol’s Facebook Page

 Sant Pol de Mar. You get there by taking the Barcelona Cercanías train (RENFE). 1 hour, 4€.



There are countless options in Barcelona for clubs and bars, for all types of people. You’ve probably heard of the clubs located by the Port (Shoko, Opium, Catwalk, Pacha), but Barcelona offers a lot more than those! Recently, clubs located in the upper part of town (Bling Bling, Luz de Gas, Sutton) are being highly rated by visitors who want to experience Barcelona’s nightlife, but I still think you won’t find anything there that you haven’t already seen in your own city. Looking for something fresher, exclusive to Barcelona? Give ElRow or La Terraza a shot, maybe a little hard to reach (ElRow, for example, is located outside from Barcelona), and less mentioned in the city guides, but also more creative and unusual. ElRow describes itself as “an experience where spectacle, music, color and happiness, essential elements of Elrow’s DNA, get together to create that unique and involving experience that our clients get themselves into as soon as they cross the front door of any of our events, regardless of city, country, continent or time of the day…”. Be there to tell.

summer in barcelona

Photo: ElRow website

El Row
is located in a neighboring town. They have buses departing regularly from Barcelona for night events.
La Terraza is located in Poble Espanyol, next to Plaza Espanya.



If there is one cultural summer event in Barcelona that only gets better and better it is the “open air film festival under the Barcelona sky” Sala Montjuic. From July 3rd to August 7th, you can see a great selection of movies projected in a huge screen right at the top of the Montjuic castle (sometimes with a live soundtrack!). Pack your picnic basket, a scarf (it gets chilly up there at night, even during summer!) and take the bus from Pl. España up the mountain. Choose the best spot and enjoy a wonderful evening!

summer in barcelona

Photo: Sala Montjuic

Sala Montjuic 
Where? Fossat de Santa Eulàlia moat at Montjuïc Castle. Buy your tickets in advance to avoid the lines.



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