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Barcelona’s gastronomic options are wide and varied, but we know how tricky it can be to decide your to-eat list during your short stay. If finding a decent, good restaurant in a foreign city is already difficult, things can get even harder when you are a vegetarian and need to be sure that your potatoes weren’t frying in the same oil as the squid. From vegan chorizo to cheerful hummus, passing by live music and blue cheese croquetas, here is a list of ten great vegetarian/vegan places that we love and so will you:

1. Gopal


Restaurant Barcelona


A place where you can eat anything you want: chorizo (yes, Catalunya specializes in vegan chorizo too), bacon and cheese sandwiches: everything here is vegan. It’s also got a dessert area! Remember to bring cash should you decide to try it, as they won’t take credit cards.

Where? Carrer dels Escudellers, 42. Gothic Quarter.

How much? 5-10 Euros.

What to try: Vegan chorizo

2. Juicy Jones

Restaurant Barcelona

One of the most famous vegan restaurants in Barcelona, Juicy Jones is mainly known for its natural juices and shakes; but if you want to try a very delicious Indian vegan meal, this is the place to go! They cook with all organic and vegan products. Their prices go from € 5 to 10 and they accept credit cards.

Where? Calle Hospital, 74 and Calle Cardenal Casañas, 74.

How much? 5-10 Euros. Accept credit card.

What to try: Batido del día (shake of the day)

3. L’Hortet

Restaurant Barcelona


Mainly a vegetarian restaurant, it’s also known for their vegan options. It offers a wide variety of salads and pasta, and many of the dishes are prepared with eco products! Super central, right next to Macba and only a few steps from Las Ramblas. You can check their website for menu options and prices. Closed on Sundays.

Where? Calle Pintor Fortuny, 32.

How much? 15-30 Euros. Accept credit card.

What to try: Raw salad bar, and maybe one eco beer 😉

4. Biocenter

Restaurant Barcelona

Located also in Calle Pintor Fortuny, in the Raval – so far, the neighborhood with more vegan & vegetarian options for foodies! -, this restaurant dates from 1980 and defines its food as “artisan”. Their menu is available online, and you can check it here:  http://restaurantebiocenter.es/en/menu/

Where? Calle Pintor Fortuny, 25.

How much? 15-20 Euros. Accept credit card.

What to try: Spinach balls

5. Teresa Carles

The first restaurant in Barcelona named after the Chef, this place is one of the most popular vegetarian/vegan places in the city and it’s located right between Plaza Catalunya and Plaza Universitat. It is considered by some as the best vegetarian restaurant in the city and it’s got a great variety of soups, artisanal pasta, burgers, and desserts. With Teresa Carles you can’t go wrong: everything you order will be fantastic.

Where? Calle Jovellanos, 2.

How much? 15-40 Euros. Accept credit card.

What to try: Aubergine cake

6. Cat Bar

Restaurant Barcelona

A 100% vegan restaurant in the Born neighborhood (escaping from the Raval, but still in the Old Quarter). It is actually more like a bar. They’ve got an artisanal beer bar and their food is truly amazing. You can certainly get a very Catalan experience when you go to this place, even if the food isn’t necessarily Catalan. A great place to hang out as well and enjoy a beer with locals!

Where? Calle Boria, 17. Gothic Neighborhood.

How much? 5-20 Euros. Accept credit card.

What to try: Spinach balls

7. Arc Iris

Restaurant Barcelona


The façade is just charming and it calls you inside once you go by it. Even though it’s a vegetarian restaurant, it’s also got a wide vegan menu. Their daily menus offer 3 courses only for €9,50, and you can choose to take away as well.

Where? in C/ Roger de Flor, 216. (Eixample)

How much? 10-15 Euros.

What to try? Musaka

8. Amaltea

Restaurant Barcelona

This charming restaurant offers a great variety of international vegan food, especially Indian and Pakistani. They are proud of not using too many spices in their recipes. It offers a 3-course meal menu. Closed on Sundays.

Where? Calle Diputació, 164. (Eixample)

How much? 8-15 Euros.

What to try? Vegetarian goulash.

9. Sésamo

This unpretentious small restaurant’s specialty is Italian food, but they offer some great tapas options as well. The menu is vegetarian or vegan, so you have nothing to worry about when ordering the amazing croquetas. They offer a tasting menu with plenty of food for 25 Euros. Metro stop: Sant Antoni.

Where? Calle Sant Antoni Abat, 52.

How much? 20 – 30 Euros

What to try? Baked cauliflower.

10. Café Mandacarú

Restaurant Barcelona

Mandacarú isn’t just a restaurant offering great Mediterranean vegetarian food: it is also an outstanding live music venue, in the charming Poble Sec neighborhood, where you can see jazz performances or relax to bossa nova songs while tasting a sustainable gastronomy based menu. The variety of the dishes go from blue cheese and confit onion croquette to baba ganush, going through many other ingredients from European and Brazilian cuisine, their biggest references. Specialize also in wine and gin. The tasting menu is 32 Euros, and make sure to reserve with advance.

Where? Calle Magalhães, 35 (Poble Sec).

How much? 20 – 40 Euros

What to try? Make sure to check the seasonal dishes.

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