Tibidabo view

If you want to visit Barcelona, you might want look at the big picture before you dive into its narrow gothic streets. Where can you get a bird’s eye view of Barcelona? You have different places to see the important landmarks, mountains and the sea all at once! You can also take great pictures!

First there’s Port Vell. The harbor, yachts, and the view are a sight worth to seeing! Port Vell is the oldest section of the port in Barcelona.  It was completely renovated during the urban renewal program prior to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. The Port Vell is now an entertainment area, modern, vibrant and full of activities. Located by the sea, the most enjoyable time to go is at dusk. As you can admire the sunset over the port located on your left, to your right you will have a beautiful view over Montjuic.

Boats at the old port harbor

We can also take the cars from the port to the top of the castle of Montjuic to enjoy. This amazing view of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea.  We walk around and find your own favourite view point.  If you take the cable cars, it’s like your about to fly through Barcelona, and of course the views are breathtaking.

Montjuic castle and barcelona in the background

Like I said there are so many different spots to go to. For instance, to the West we can find a mountain with a Ferris wheel on top, it’s called the Tibidabo. The Tibidabo mountain is Located in the heart of the Collserola hills, Tibidabo is for everyone: packed with hiking trails, romantic restaurants, historic buildings and even a real amusement park. And of course a beautiful view over the beautiful city.

Next to the Tibidabo we have the Bunkers del Carmel.

For the best views of Barcelona, you go to the Bunkers del Carmel. The Bunkers, built during the Spanish civil war, at the top of the hill Turó de la Rovira, in Horta-Guinardó the district of. As the day comes to and end many people gather here to enjoy the sunset while overlooking the Sagrada familia.

And most importantly: The Park Güell. A must in are visit to Barcelona.  Park Güell is a national monument since 1969. They called it the playground from Gaudi. He designed almost everything in the Park. Park Güell is a large park, so take the time to wonder and walk around. You’ll notice that there is much more to see. It’s not a surprise that Park Guell is in the top five tourist attractions in the city. The park hasn’t only beautiful panoramic views, amazing architecture and beautiful gardens. You can also find the home of the great man himself: Gaudi. You can go on the road in the mountain and enjoy the beautiful view from the mountain top! You also have a beautiful view of Barcelona from the main terrace.

Gaudi's Mosaic terrace overlooking Barcelona

And last but not least, Torre d’Alta Mar. This is a unique restaurant high in one of the towers from the cable car that goes over the old port. Dinners here are very nice, but if we are on a budget cocktail or even a coffee are a great alternative to have access of the most exclusive seaside angles.

Cable car view over the Mediterranean Sea

As you can see you have many different points to go to. It’s very worth it. The city is not only beautiful when you walk through the city, but also if you are watching it from above.  Enjoy the city!

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