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Looking for some Barcelona local news? Here is a selection of 4 local magazines and newspapers, published in English:

1. The Local


News in Spain


The Local is the largest English-language news network in Europe, with having four million readers each month. This newspaper offers a variety of entertaining daily news articles, as well as being an essential must-read for Spanish foreign professionals. Aside from business and politics, this newspaper also offers news on travel, sports, health, and more!


2. Metropolitan Barcelona 

The Metropolitan was established to inform and entertain English-speaking foreigners living in Barcelona and Catalunya. This magazine is up to date with the latest culture, current affairs, restaurant reviews, music, and art. It also offers tips for travelers on how to beat the crowds, as well as suggesting the best beaches, markets, restaurants, and more!


3. BCN Més



This cultural newspaper that is published in English, Spanish and Catalan. It explores the local culture, music, art, dance, theater, literature, events, restaurants, bars, shops, things to do, listings, galleries, openings, articles, people, and even more!


4. Catalonia Today


catalonia today

For ten years, Catalonia Today has been publishing news about Catalonia. Resident English speakers, or even visitors not knowing Catalan or Spanish, can learn about the news from a Catalan point of view. There is news about the environment, entertainment, food, and wine, as well as updates on Catalonia’s economy and business.

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