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Since we joined Instagram, we’ve been following all sorts of people: guests, partners, food lovers, architects, official accounts, magazines, travelers, explorers… But we do save some soft spot for those who put some extra effort when capturing and sharing the finest details of this wonderful piece of land called Barcelona. Here are some of our favorite Barcelona-based snappers right now:

1. @barcelonafacades

Definitely one of our favorites. Capturing the variety of façades in Barcelona is capturing its identity and lifestyle. Modernist, gothic, minimalist, industrial… you just can’t get enough! The author, @stoptheroc, has other stunning images of the city and is also worth the follow.

2. @barcelonacitizen

I have been getting a bit tired of those deeply edited pictures on which each and every color seem to be yelling for attention… This changes when the editors know what they’re doing, of course. This Instagrammer posts some miraculous photos, very nicely edited to make Barcelona look even more magical (we didn’t know that it was possible!). Snaps are mostly buildings and skylines of the city or cool perspectives of the main highlights.

3. @bravasbarcelona

This guy’s main goal in life is to find the best Bravas in town and to reach his objective he will order Bravas in every bar of Barcelona. The journey started in 2009 and you can follow it here.

4. @zuckerandspice

Originally from Boston, Sam fell in love with Barcelona. His Instagram account is an homage to the city he’s chosen to live his life, featuring food, places, and people. He is also a writer, so expect some good read recommendations.

5. @barcelonastreetart

When stores close up for the night, their door comes down and so does works of art. Here you’ll see graffiti and urban interactions in the streets of Barcelona.

6. @barcelonafoodexperience

Pretty pictures of awesome meals and restaurant recommendations. Basically all that really matters for all of us, food lovers.

7. @barcelonacatalonia 

Landscapes, ocean and nature shots. Because blue is the warmest color.

8. @barrut

Different from most Instagram Barcelona accounts, here you’ll see the city through a more clean, minimalist lens, making for a nice surprise at each new picture. Pictures normally consist of one human body interacting with some great geometric composition, or some really creative insight over a beautiful landscape.

9. @bcncultura

More of a service app, this official account is for those who are always hunting things to do. Pictures and videos are normally promoting upcoming events, concerts & exhibitions, or just updating with cultural news.

10. @visitbarcelona

Barcelona Official visitor information. Hidden gems, museums, tips on entrances, what’s on in town and, obviously, some really cool professional pictures of Barcelona’s highlights. Very useful if you’re around town!






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