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Four wheels, two wheels or a couple of wings? If you want to make the most out of your time in Europe but are unsure of the best way to get from one city to the other, this might help you out: we selected the 6 more common destinations among our guests and made this little guide with the best options for going from Barcelona to each of those cities (or the other way around).


Madrid and Barcelona are Spain’s most popular cities for travelers to visit, traveling –mostly- by train or plane.

Train: The AVE train has revolutionized transport from Madrid to Barcelona and vice versa. If you think well, it is perfect: you avoid the transfers to the airport (since the train station is easily reached by metro), don’t have to stand in those 1.5h boarding lines and can carry as many luggage as you wish. This ride takes only 2h30m and many timing options. The bad side? Tickets are normally more expensive than a regular economic flight.

Plane: The flight only lasts 1h20m (have in mind that the airports are both on the outskirts of the cities). There are three main airlines that travel from and to both destinations (Vueling, Iberia, and AirEuropa) and they have at least 11 flights daily depending on the airline of your choosing. You can save up to 50% if booking in advance.

Car: If you decide to rent a car there are three main freeways that you can take in order to travel between Barcelona and Madrid: A-2, AP-2, and AP-7. Please keep in mind that the AP roads in Spain are toll roads. It takes about six hours to reach your destination, but we also recommend you stop at Zaragoza to break up the long journey.



There are not as many options to travel between Barcelona and Lisbon as there are with Madrid, but you can still find direct transportation by plane.

Plane: There are several airlines that travel between both cities. Two of them, TAP and Vueling offer direct flights. This trip only lasts 1h and at least 15 or 18 flights go out daily. Vueling also flights to Oporto and can be a great option to start your tour in Portugal!



Your options of transportation from Barcelona to Paris improved with the launch of the high-speed AVE train in 2013.

Train: Since 2013 there’s a high-speed train from Barcelona to Paris. The journey takes about 6h20m and they leave from Barcelona Sants Estació and arrive at Gare de Lyon in Paris.

Plane: Flights between Barcelona and Paris are very common. It’s very important to be careful when booking your flights so you arrive at either Charles de Gaul or Paris Orly airports, as they’re closest to the city, rather than Paris Beauvais or Paris Vatry airports. There are three airlines that make the travel and at least 11 flights going and coming daily (AirFrance, Vueling, and Easyjet).



Like Lisbon, traveling to London has fewer options than the rest of the cities listed above. The fastest and best way to get there is by plane and there are three airlines that have direct flights to either Heathrow (1h15m long) or Gatwick (1h10m) and with at least eight flights daily.


Nice France

To go to Nice (and the rest of the Côte d’Azur) from Barcelona (and the other way around) you can even take a flight, but if you have enough time we would definitely recommend a road trip. The South of France really deserves the driving!

Plane: There are frequent flights from Barcelona to Nice and vice versa, and they are usually cheaper and quicker than the train or booking a car. With at least 2 direct flights in between and two possible airlines, you’ll be able to get there in 1h15m.

Train: There are no direct trains that can take you to Nice. If you really enjoy train rides there’s one that takes you to the Côte d’Azur by Montpellier and that train departs from Barcelona Franca Station.

Car: There are two main roads you can take in order to travel between Nice and Barcelona. The 650km (404 miles) ride takes at least six hours and you can take both the P-7 or de A9 highways.



The journey from/to Rome can take up to two hours. Direct routes will take you directly to Rome’s Fiumicino airport from Barcelona’s Prat. There are at least six flights daily from two main airlines and the flight duration is 1h45m.


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