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It’s ok if when you think of Barcelona your mind gets filled with images of sun, sand, sangrias, and a few things in between. Summer by the Mediterranean really is something special. But Barcelona is so much more than that! Actually, for some, a visit can be way more interesting in winter, when the sights aren’t so crowded and the prices aren’t so high. Besides, in comparison with other European cities, Barcelona’s temperatures are never too low and even the colder days of winter can be super pleasant for outdoor plans. Still not convinced? Here is a list of the reasons why Barcelona is at its best during winter days:

WEATHER. When compared to other European cities, Barcelona is heaven. From November to February the temperatures could be around 12°C/ 57°F. Believe me: there will be people at the beach.

FOOD. Yes, food. Many specialties for colder days – carn d’olla, churros with chocolate, turrón, calçots, butifarras… it keeps going.

SIGHTSEEING. No lines! No mess, no confusion, no people getting lost, no queue to see Park Guell or Sagrada Familia. Actually, if you are really into learning culture & architecture, this is a much better season for sightseeing than any other.

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS. Catalunya has some of the best Christmas traditions ever (a quick Google search to Caga-tió would tell you why). There is also Feria de Santa Lucía and all the Xmas markets filled with all that food that we mentioned a few lines above.

THE THREE KINGS and their parade. Every 6th of January, Barcelona stops to see the kings crossing the city in their magical, and colorful parade. Candies fall from the sky and the kids are happier than ever! Definitely worth it, especially if your little ones are in the combo.

PRICES. Flights & accommodation for much better deals. Always appreciated!


What to see and do in Barcelona in winter:



Barcelona in winter

Winter season is shopping season! Take advantage of “Rebajas” (sale weeks, when shops offer discounts up to 70%) and give your closet a Mediterranean style. If you don’t know where to go, we have a list of local designers and special shops suggestions that you can see clicking here.




Barcelona ain’t no Switzerland, but it definitely has its gems. If you are into snow activities you can choose amongst ski, hikes, hot springs, and much more! We offer some great winter adventures in our awesome day trips: Snowshoeing & Steam in the Pyrenees (two countries, white landscapes, delicious winter food) and the Medieval Mountain Village day trip (a 16th-century village at its best during winter day




Barcelona has two of the best wine regions of the world as neighbors: the Penedès and the Priorat. Although summer is also fine for visits, winter is when good wines really make sense. What’s best for a cold day than a fireplace & a great wine tasting in the countryside? Choose your favorite Spanish Trails wine tour, or go with us on a wine extended escape!




Warm, sugary, bready and sweet, dipped in artisan chocolate. What’s not to like? This traditional Spanish dish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and during winter it occupies a special place in every local’s heart. Don’t know where to go? Don’t worry – we are investigating the best places for churros and we’ll let you know all about it. Stay tuned! 🙂



Especially the Santa Llúcia Christmas fair. This veritable village of stalls huddled around the cathedral is definitely not to be missed.




Get out of the city for a day and be surprised by the beauty of Barcelona’s countryside. We’ve already told you about the mountains, but if you’re more of an urban traveler maybe try the charming towns of Girona, Sitges, Cadaqués, or Figueres – where you can visit Salvador Dali’s unique museum. Plenty of options! Of course, we’re ready to take you anywhere you want to go.


Don’t know what to choose? Do not fear. We’re here to help you out! Write us now and we’ll be more than happy to find the perfect winter activity for you! 🙂

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